Wine tasting

Liguria is a thin arc of Italian land that stretches from the border with France to the northern part of Tuscany. Etched by the mountains, with the Alps to the west and the Apennines to the east, the entire region overlooks the Ligurian Sea and, for this reason, Liguria enjoys a particularly temperate climate despite its position in the north of the country. Genoa, the main city, divides the territory between Riviera di Ponente, to the west, and Riviera di Levante, to the east. The Colli di Luni are located in the easternmost corner of the region, and the excellent viticulture of this area was already well documented in Roman times. The area overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Gulf of La Spezia and is protected by the Apuan Alps: this privileged position gives it a unique microclimate, where the alternating blend of sea and mountain breezes creates the optimal conditions for the cultivation of vines and the production of excellent wines.

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