Olive Oil tasting

Our partner is the Frantoio Moro. 

The history of Frantoio Moro is long over a century, but only by 1954, Alfredo Petacchi, nicknamed “il moro”, decided to exploit the agricultural potential of Fosdinovo’s hills and he fouded FRANTOIO MORO.

“Always belive and never give up” was his motto

His passion has contributed to the development of company , also thanks to the acquired of new production technologies.

Frantoio Moto is now in the hands of its fourth generation, we continue to believe in the local economy and in the development of extravirgin olive Oil certificate IGP.
We have also decided to not abandon the historical activity of family, the GRINDING STONE, ancient grinding system of cereals that give to the flour the fragrance and genuinity not found in the industrial production;  currently we produce flour of high quality certificated 100% Italian and Tuscan adapt for the daily use.